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Newark Town Deal

By Parish Clerk Sutton-on-Trent Parish Website

Tuesday, 26 May 2020


Sutton-on-Trent Parish Website Contributor


It was announced in September 2019 that Newark was chosen as one of 100 towns in the UK to receive up to £25 million worth of investment, as part of the Government’s ‘Town Deal’ process. In return for funding, Towns Fund Investment Plan which will set out a range of projects for the next 10 to 15 years that provide a basis for future investment and offer value for money has to be submitted to the Government.

It’s now your turn to have a say on how the money could be spent, helping us present the strongest ‘Deal’ possible to Government. What are your thoughts around education, housing, transport, roads and safety? Does the town centre meet your needs and what does it need more of?

More information including a link to complete a survey can be found on the attached flyer and also at

Please note the closing date for the consultation is June 10th.

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