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Trent Valley Drainage Board Update Report Part 1

By Sarah Pike Sutton-on-Trent Parish Website

Friday, 22 January 2021


Sutton-on-Trent Parish Website Contributor


On the 23rd December there were high water levels being attained upstream of Cuckstool pumping station. This occurred at a time when the soil moisture deficit (information provided by the EA on a regular basis) is zero, indicating that there is no capacity within the ground to absorb rainfall ie all rain runs off immediately. In this situation, with a relatively steep catchment, watercourses will respond very rapidly to rainfall increasing the risk of flooding. A number of actions are in hand within Trent Valley IDB to provide a long term mitigation within the village. As with all flood defence assessments, the work has to be affordable relative to the benefits at a property level. The current status is as follows:

Bulham Lane Drain

Following works in 2018 after the June 2018 floods, this watercourse has excellent conveyance characteristics which essentially means that flows reach Cuckstool Pumping station very quickly. With high velocities flows are likely to overtop banks at changes of direction and at the confluence with Cuckstool Dyke.

Works to manage the quantum and rate at which flows reach Cuckstool Pumping Station are planned. Funds to support this work are potentially available and earmarked through the Flood Defence Grant in Aid (GiA) funding scheme administered by the EA on behalf of DEFRA. Currently the necessary information and technical information is being collated to support the funding application. COVID restrictions permitting, the programme is to submit the GiA application by 31st March 2021 for 2021/22 FY work. Earmarked GiA contribution is £130k and for this additional work, the Board have also secured a provisional £50k contribution from Nottinghamshire CC as lead local flood authority. The key component of the scheme will be the installation of a deliberate flow restriction (with bypass) immediately to the west of the Great North Road. This will retain water for a few hours allowing controlled runoff through Bulham Lane Drain. It will work to a point – the design level of service is a 1 in 75 year event. As with all flood control measures if rainfall/runoff exceeds the design capacity the benefit of the structure will be reduced. Funding and land agreements permitting, this work is planned for late summer/early autumn 2021.

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