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In 1895 the Parish Council purchased a piece of land on Ingram Lane for the sum of £200 which equates to approximately £26,500 today in 2020.  

A loan of £500 (approximately £66,000 today) was provided by the County Council to purchase the land and prepare it for use as a burial ground.  The term of the repayment of the loan was 50 years.

Total Expenditure £499 16s

Purchase of land (1acre 2 rods) £200 with Solicitors and Architect costs of £20

Fencing & Shrubs for 3 sides and marking of footpaths at £148

Front entrance Fence & Gates £117 16s

Grave Markings £9 and the Tool House £5

The burial ground was consecrated on 22nd March 1898 with the first burial being recorded on 11th April 1898 – a Samuel Hayes, aged 51 years, a Labourer from the village.  The cost of the burial was 9s 6d of which 4s 6d was paid to the Parish Council and 2s 6d each to the Vicar and Sexton of the Parish.

At the western end of the cemetery is a small Garden of Remembrance for cremated remains.

In April 2012 the Parish Council acquired the piece of land adjacent to the burial ground as an extension.  Work was completed on removing the hedge between the two pieces of land and erecting stock proof fencing along the northern edge in 2017. The area is currently unused.

Sutton-on-Trent Parish Council own and manage the cemetery on Ingram Lane. Burial records from 1898 are held by the Parish Clerk.