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Community Resilience

The Community Emergency Plan is designed to support the Community during an emergency, particularly those who may be vulnerable, and to provide vital local information to responding agencies like the emergency services, local authority etc. who may be coordinating a response on a wider scale.


Sutton on Trent Community Support Group Buddy Scheme

A community support group set up to provide assistance for people self isolating and social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak with the aim  of ensuring that nobody struggles or suffers during these difficult and unknown times.
The scheme is managed for Sutton-on-Trent Parish Council.  All volunteers will be acting on Sutton-on-Trent Parish Council’s behalf.

As a volunteer your own safety is of paramount importance AT ALL TIMES. It is essential for your own safety and that of others that you keep fully up to date with NHS and Government advice.



Junction of Main Street and Palmer Road

The Co-op, High Street