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Speed Awareness Group

Sutton-on-Trent Parish Website Speed Awareness Group

Speed watches are being held weekly in various locations around the village, the group was setup by the Parish Council and is operated by volunteers with the aim of increasing road safety and speed awareness. The group was established in 2020 following concerns being raised by members of our community. To date the group has repeatedly proven a need for speed awareness in our village as they continue to record vehicles driving well above the speed limit.  A high percentage of the people speeding are residents although commuters from outside of the village have also been recorded speeding.  Interestingly, the group has yet to record a single lorry speeding, this may or may not relate to their size and the noise they generate, regardless of this the group will continue to monitor speeds for all our safety.

Sadly, last week, both a member of the public and local resident felt the need to intimidate the group following the group recording their details as a result of excessive speed. This behaviour is both unnecessary and distressing and it will not be tolerated by the Parish Council or the authorities.  If you witness any such behaviour, we ask that you not only report it to the Parish Council but also to our PCSO Richard Dunn.

We would like to remind people that the Speed Watch group consists of local volunteers who are trying to help the village and the community by raising awareness of the speed limits in our village.  We hope that their time and actions will help prevent incidents and we hope that you the reader, support them whilst they do this.  If you can spare an hour a week and you can commit on a weekly basis then we welcome new volunteers. Full training is given by the Police.

For further information please contact the clerk by email on